Thursday, 23 April 2009

new companion and matt smit costume

Cadaver from Outpost Skaro has some interesting news concerning Matt Smath's costume and who the companion is (warning: may upset die-hard fans):

She was signed a while back and yes, its who was mentioned earlier (Hannah Murray).
The costume will divide the publics opinion....Fans will HATE it. The photoshoot is done. The photographer who did it is a collegue of mine. Expect to see it in the next few weeks and Hannahs announcement a short time later. Die hards will detest the new look and "apparent " direction.

Well, it doesn't sound good for the die hards, which of course includes me, but another post suggests not so much die hards, but 'Traditionalists'.

So according to this rumour, it's gonna be different to anything we see before.

As for Hannah Murray, my opinion is surprise as I thought that the only reason she was being linked was because of good publicity people, but also, as I've never seen her in anything before, I can't make a judgement.

Now, PLEASE remember that I'm not saying it's true. It's unconfirmed. But it definetly looks like a possibility, otherwise I wouldn't have posted it.


Blogger Chris said...

im a die hard, and i love the fact that "die hards will hate it" because i love change, if you try and keep it the same it doesnt work

as for hannah, loved her in skins but still not too sure about her in who, it might work though, i wont judge till a few episodes in

25 April 2009 at 00:11  

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