Wednesday, 22 July 2009

New Banner

As you can see there is a new banner up it was made by olilord (please give credit to him)

dr who 5th doctor

watch caves of androzani here this is the last peter davidson episode of the 5th doctor era.

Dr who talk

Over the last few days it been no stop talking DR WHO on TV with the filming stated on Monday and Matt smith and his appearance and
the sonic screwdriver and the companion and river song turning up i watched loose women yesterday because they were on about Matt smith saying if people think he to young to play the doctor well if you want to watch the clip watch it
here and here you can watch Dr who filming

Doctor who on Dunraven Bay Beach (21-07-09)

Here is river song dressed as a soldier on Dunraven Bay Beach yesterday with some soldiers and the Doctor she is in handcuffs.

Monday, 20 July 2009


The current banner is staying till November i decided to keep it and make it bigger and so i have done i hope you like it.

Todays filming

Well today was brilliant I was on all day waiting for set reports and pics the set reporters were reporting fast and I was keeping up they were updating about series 5 filming today and on set was Matt smith (the doctor) karne Gillian (Amy pond) and Alex Kingston (river song?) it was brilliant it all kick of about 11 am ish or maybe it was 12 ish i cant remember now a new tardis was on set its different as you can see in the picture above and now its time for me to go but not yet i have to post pics you can read a set report below.

This set report from Scooty

...We arrived at the beach and there was the TARDIS, not the TARDIS of recent times, but the Hartnell one. Retro. Back to basics. This is Moffat injecting the classic series right into the new series.

read more

here see some picture of building the tardis

more tomorrow

update on everything

Well this an update on everything about Dr who and my site and whats going on and all that.

Well lets start of by telling you lot that I will be on holiday next week so the site wont be updated till I get back in 2 weeks time or i might ask my cousin so expect my cousin to post I will ask her for me to post some stuff so if you see anything posted next week it might be my cousin (Rebecca) but if she wont do it then I will update when I get back.

Well fanfic now
Well series 2 has been righting and episode 3 4 5 6 and 7 are nearly done and yesterday I got back the info of the episodes of *of the page aka James* it is really good and I cant wait for thous episode to be on and episode 1 is not complete but will be complete by next year as I am starting to finish it sometime this week episode 2 will be started next week and then when that episode finished I will be moving on to episodes 8 9 10 11 and 12 as they are a 5 parter.

Dr who news
Expect there to be loads of Dr who news this week on series 5 filming and maybe other stuff and filming pictures

Dr who episode picture
Expect me to do some episode picture from 1st doctor episode to 10Th doctor episodes so for 10 weeks I will be doing that and that will be started when I get back of holiday.


dr who series 5 costumed confirmed

The costume for Matt smith and Karen Gillian has now been shown to people.

Dr who fans have been given there first look at the costumes for Matt smith and Karen Gillian.
Matt smith will were a tweed jacket, bow tie, rolled up trousers and black boots.
filming start today on the new series in Cardiff

Matt smith says

I feel very privileged and proud to be part of this iconic show,
Come alive
The scripts are brilliant I'm excited about the future and all the brilliant adventures I get to go on as the Doctor

read more here

Sunday, 19 July 2009

a human doctor rose story on but not finished

I have put the human doctor rose story on my Fanfic site its not finished and I'm not going to finished it as it was getting complicated to do and I have loads of stuff to do I have to do my series 2 Fanfic the deleted scenes for series 1 course work for school homework and also I go on holiday next week so I'm busy to do it anyway if you want to read it you can here so you can get a first taster of what I'm like at fanfics pleas remember I have never done this before.

fanfic question's with will and seb

1 so will and seb how do you get around do your fanfics when your so busy?

We somehow manage to juggle everything. It's mad! We don't get a lot of homework anymore (thankfully) and so we have lots of time to spend on our stories.

2 how many fanfics have you done since the site opened?

Oooh, lots. We've done two Christmas specials, one complete series, and one half series. So that's 20, and I (Will) am currently writing another, so that's 21. Plus my mini series, (VTV series) and short stories. All in all, lots!

3 do you think my fanfics will work out?

If you've got a good idea then yes. We think of hundreds of ideas for an episode, and keep them in our heads for ages. If they still sound good when you get down and type it, it's a good idea. For example, I had an idea in my head for ages for a series 3 story, and suddenly it's completely different, thanks to one Saturday night watching telly!

4 on a scale of 1 to 10 what would you give your fanfics?

We don't really like to rate our fanfics, but we've always had good feedback, and we recently won an award for them on The Oncoming Storm website, where we beat a lot of great competition.

5 between will and seb which have you done the most fanfics?

Ooh, good question! For the main series, Seb has written (that we've so far published) 10, and I've written 9, but on top of that I wrote 3 short stories and the VTV series, which totals up to 18. So, yeah, me.

thanks will and seb