Tuesday, 5 May 2009

rose and the other doctor

when i loged online today i went strait onto comboms site and i seen that there was news about rose and the other doctor coming back for david tennants final apparently earlier this afternoon combom got a email off somone informing that they found out that david is going up to london on Friday to shoot a scene with Billie Piper. And it is literally just the one scene. Episode 4.18, Scene 163 to be precise. They're going to be out on location in a reasonably public place so there's some chance of photos but doesnt know if it is specific and incase that hordes of dr who fan go looking and they find the location (witch they probaly might) and theres no idea wat the scene might be about but on the call sheeet it has the characters as "The Other Doctor" and "Rose Smith" so wounder wat gonna happen it looks like rose has married the other doctor
and there this bit to Sarah Janes cameo farewell scene is scene 153 and the scene in the bookstore is scene 155, so scene 163 isn't too high

you can find this post at life.dr who and comboms site if you click the post rose and the other doctor


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