Saturday, 13 June 2009

news and updates

sorry i haven't updated all week because mainly i have been busy doing some covers for my Dr who series (show at top of post)and they are on my partner site so here is the news from all week

PS.I'm only posting on Saturday as of now because i am very busy with school and other things and when it gets to the summer for the six weeks i will be posting all week.

torchwood s4 ready to go
yes the news series of torchwood haven't even aired yet and and the next series (4) is prepared and ready to go

last night saw Last night saw the preview screening of the the first installment of Torchwood Children of Earth at the National Film Theatre The episode, titled Day One was followed by a 'Q & A' with the shows creator Russell T Davies.

during the screening Rtd revealed that they are ready to go on the next series of torchwood but is dependent on how the third series performs and he revealed that he wants to do the show for the next 10 years and wants more cross overs with it's parent show Doctor who and Rtd all mentioned that the doctor is mentioned in the last episode of torchwood children of earth

dalek in Matt smith episode?

Park Magazine have an article stating that the Daleks are going to appear in Matt Smith's first episode, battling it out with him and his companion (Karen Gillan).

Apparently the reason for this is that the BBC are beginning to get slightly worried that Matt's Doctor won't be as famous as Tennant's Doctor was, so they want to boost the show, starting with the metallic menaces

This has not been confirmed yet, and is not liable to happen, as Moffat stated that the Daleks were appearing too much. Would you like this to be true?
( i would not want daleks to come back for the next 2 year they have been in Dr who every series and i guess some people have seen enough of them ) well what do you want to see the dalek or not please comment

Dr who magazine inside the daily mirror

for the next 6 weeks The Daily Mirror is giving away free "exclusive" issues of the Doctor Who Adventures magazine, the first issue starting today. Each issue is packed with all you
need to know about your favourite show, plus fantastic puzzles, exclusive posters and a new comic strip adventure

(and I'm going to be honest that there is not much in it as of i got mine today and was surprised that there was not much in it)

dw forums
radio doctor have an interest post about the Dr who forums and the closure of out post gallifrey,gallifrey one you can read more about this on

Matt smith face to be in credits
this is just a rumors at the moment and might not happen but Matt smith's face is to be in the opening credits for 2010 series 5
this used to happen in the classic series of Dr who but it has not happened yet as rtd brought the show back in 2005 (do you think this will happen please comment


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