Sunday, 12 July 2009

coming soon update both sites

(for thous people who do fanfics i subjest you should read the last line on the bottom of this post)

There will be a new banner coming soon it's a bit like the one I've got up now only smaller and added things to it I'm still working on it at the moment and the banner should be up sometime this week if not the weekend as i am busy all this week with school getting everything done that needs to be done and also tomorrow I'm going on a trip with the school and wont be back till 7pm and last week i never did any fanfic stuff because i was to busy watching torchwood wow wasn't it grate until Friday were jack leaves earth episode 1 of series 2 is not complete yet only this series and taking it easy because series 1 was the first ever I've ever written anything like that so it was hard for me to do.
also I'm going to do some questions for though people who do fanfics and get how they do it and how they manage between school time and exams and all that.


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