Sunday, 19 July 2009

fanfic question's with will and seb

1 so will and seb how do you get around do your fanfics when your so busy?

We somehow manage to juggle everything. It's mad! We don't get a lot of homework anymore (thankfully) and so we have lots of time to spend on our stories.

2 how many fanfics have you done since the site opened?

Oooh, lots. We've done two Christmas specials, one complete series, and one half series. So that's 20, and I (Will) am currently writing another, so that's 21. Plus my mini series, (VTV series) and short stories. All in all, lots!

3 do you think my fanfics will work out?

If you've got a good idea then yes. We think of hundreds of ideas for an episode, and keep them in our heads for ages. If they still sound good when you get down and type it, it's a good idea. For example, I had an idea in my head for ages for a series 3 story, and suddenly it's completely different, thanks to one Saturday night watching telly!

4 on a scale of 1 to 10 what would you give your fanfics?

We don't really like to rate our fanfics, but we've always had good feedback, and we recently won an award for them on The Oncoming Storm website, where we beat a lot of great competition.

5 between will and seb which have you done the most fanfics?

Ooh, good question! For the main series, Seb has written (that we've so far published) 10, and I've written 9, but on top of that I wrote 3 short stories and the VTV series, which totals up to 18. So, yeah, me.

thanks will and seb


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