Thursday, 23 April 2009

Gillian Anderson?

Apparently, Gillian Anderson is being lined up to be a baddie in Series 5. Now, obviously the first thing people are going to think is that she's going to be the Rani, however, I don't think so. Here's the article:

Science fiction pin-up Gillian Anderson is being lined up to join the cast of Doctor Who as a new deadly enemy of the Time Lord.

Sources say programme chiefs want the London-based X-Files star to appear opposite the new DoctorMatt Smith in a one-off adventure next year. It’s understood the American actress could play renegade Time Lady The Rani, a glamorous but evil scientific genius previously played in the series by Kate O’Mara in the Eighties.

“Gillian obviously has a massive sci-fi following and it’s felt it would be a major coup to have her appear in Doctor Who,” says a show insider. “The team behind the show are keen for the next Doctor to have lots of new enemies and Gillian would be a glamorous and impressive addition to the list. The Rani would be a perfect role for her as the character used to be regarded as one of the Doctor’s most deadly opponents.”

Anderson, 40, recently appeared in a big screen version of The X-Files along with co-star David Duchovny. In recent years she has enjoyed critical acclaim as an actress, appearing in the BBC’s Bleak House and hit film The Last King Of Scotland. She is currently preparing to star alongside former Doctor Who Christopher Eccleston next month in A Doll’s House at the Donmar Warehouse in London’s West End.

“It would undoubtedly be regarded as one of those great sci-fi moments if the star of The X-Files gets to clash with the Doctor,” gushes our mole with the sonic screwdriver.


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