Saturday, 9 May 2009

tonight the night dr who mini episode david tennant appears

In 2 weeks Tonights The Night will transmit their mini episode of Doctor Who featuring the the winner of their alien competition.

And David Tennant is in it!

All the taping of the alien competition was done two weeks ago, so although its spread across a couple of weeks on TV, its already decided, done, dusted and recorded! And heres what happens...

They had Captain Jack coming across the alien in the Tardis who initially claims that hes the regenerated Doctor. Much amusing flirting ensues until the fact that he has a weapon on his arm clues Jack into the fact that hes a villain, at which point they start fighting. Halfway through the death threats and fighting David Tennant dressed in off duty clothes (including a bright orange t-shirt) randomly walks on the set and asks John what hes doing. Both John and alien then sheepishly admit that they're just playing around on the Tardis set. David tells John that "It's my Tardis. Mine" before miming that hes keeping an eye on the alien before walking off at which point they switch back to being Jack and the alien fighting each other.


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