Monday, 15 June 2009


this is earlier than planned things have gone wrong for me today so far so I'm not well
so onto my announcements

announcement 1
the name of the partner site is to be changed today a new name (i have one in mind)

announcement 2
new changes will be made soon to this site and to the partner site

announcement 3
i am currently in making a human doctor rose story it is set just when the tardis leaves the human doctor and rose on the beach in journeys end and goes on to when rose sees the doctor again when he regenerates in my episode 1 hint (my Dr who series 2010)

I'm all so thinking of doing a couple of Dr who what ifs like doomsday if it changed and all that

and I'm all so thinking of doing some one of stories with the tenth doctor and possible eleventh doctor

and all so if you want a story based on you as a companion in Dr who i will do it and put it on

all you have to do is

tell me your name/or what name you want/you can name your self/make up a name for yourself
what monster you will be in the episode with you

how you want to be seen first in the episode (like)screaming/walking down the street/or gets transported to the tardis/or some other way

what doctor you want in the story (either 10 or 11 or any doctor)

how many episodes you want to be in (like for 13 episodes or 1 how many you like)

what you want to look like (colour of hair that sort of thing)

then if you do please email me at


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