Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The Power of the Daleks [4.3] quotes

The Doctor: (groaning and moaning) Slower! SLOWER! Concentrate on one thing! ONE THING!

[The Doctor explains his regeneration.]
Ben: The Doctor always wore this. If you are him it should fit... That settles it!
The Doctor: I'd like to see a butterfly fit into a chrysalis case after it spreads its wings.
Polly: Then you did change."
The Doctor: Life depends on change, and renewal.
Ben: Oh, that's it, you've been renewed, have you?"
The Doctor: Renewed? Have I? That's it, I've been renewed. It's part of the TARDIS. Without it I couldn't survive.

Dalek: (steadily increasing) With static power, the Daleks will be twice as... useful.

The Doctor: It can do many things, Lesterson. But the thing it does most efficiently is exterminate human beings


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