Sunday, 10 May 2009

trickster to return in sja

The third series of The Sarah Jane Adventures is getting underway, with all of the scripts completed. Filming is now taking place. The last we saw of Sarah and the team was on Red Nose Day, fighting of the Slitheen with K9. The producers of this series tell us that it's going to be the scariest and darkest series yet!

And whenever there is scary there is a scary monster, and this autumn, The Trickster will be back to have revenge on Sarah Jane Smith. The last time we saw the Trickster was back in series two when he tempted Sarah to change history in "Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith". His first appearance was in "Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane Smith?", in which he tried to make the world forget that Sarah existed. Now he's returned to probably start all over again, but with more tricks up his long black sleeves.

Not only The Trickster, but the Graske will return, and this series Doctor Who returning monster is the Judoon, last seen in "The Stolen Earth". The Graskes first appearance was in Doctor Who's "Attack of the Graske" and "Music of the Spheres". Since then, he's been by the Tricksters side. Played by Jimmy Vee. The Judoon have been seen on the Sarah Jane set with the Doctor. Does this mean the time lord will pay a visit to the attic?


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