Monday, 20 July 2009

Todays filming

Well today was brilliant I was on all day waiting for set reports and pics the set reporters were reporting fast and I was keeping up they were updating about series 5 filming today and on set was Matt smith (the doctor) karne Gillian (Amy pond) and Alex Kingston (river song?) it was brilliant it all kick of about 11 am ish or maybe it was 12 ish i cant remember now a new tardis was on set its different as you can see in the picture above and now its time for me to go but not yet i have to post pics you can read a set report below.

This set report from Scooty

...We arrived at the beach and there was the TARDIS, not the TARDIS of recent times, but the Hartnell one. Retro. Back to basics. This is Moffat injecting the classic series right into the new series.

read more

here see some picture of building the tardis

more tomorrow


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