Thursday, 30 April 2009

claire bloom to play the doctor's mother

The Telegraph and Mail are claiming 78 year old Claire Bloom, a Hollywood actress, is to appear in Doctor Who, playing the Doctors Mother!

A BBC spokesman declined to comment, but Claires manager in America, Marion Rosenberg says It is happening. They are filming at the moment. I have been organising her schedule

get voting

hey everyone there i have a new voting poll on my site sorry i havtn posted it a bit earlier in the week but there is only 24 Days left to vote and there is 17 Votes so far so everyone get voting


half a million

well done to combom for getting over half a million hits hop you get more in months to come well done

Monday, 27 April 2009

dr who filming today

well there not much to say really cos i have been in school all day and by the looks of it they have been filming at Caephilly Castle, apparently its defiantly Doctor Who filming, and apparently they didnt even start at first i dont know i ll have to find out about that or it might be a night shoot so i dont know wat was happening also there are updates on twitter about the filming that all for now

davids big exit xmas news

today the daily star have reported that the inside of the tardis is to be blown up at xmas and the time lords are returning and apparently they turn evil

They also claim the Knock four times prediction means the Master,but Russell T Davies has gone on record claiming its not what you think,so who is it?

Friday, 24 April 2009

dr who 09 xmas news

A two-part Doctor Who special will be broadcast during the 2009–2010 Christmas season.This will be the last story for David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor prior to the character's regeneration into his eleventh incarnation, which will be played by Matt Smith.It will also be the last Doctor Who story written by Russell T Davies, who shepherded the series' return to British television in 2005 and has been the series' executive producer and chief writer since.Davies will be succeeded as executive producer and showrunner by Steven Moffat.
Bernard Cribbins, who appeared in the story "Voyage of the Damned" and throughout Series 4 as Wilfred Mott, grandfather of Donna Noble, will act as the Doctor's companion in this two-part story.Catherine Tate,who played Donna,will also appear,as will Jacqueline King,who played Sylvia Noble,Donna's mother.Other cast members seen during filming include John Simm,Jessica Hynes,Elisabeth Sladen,Tommy Knight,David Harewood,June Whitfield,Barry Howard and Karl Collins.
Precise dates for the broadcast have not been announced, but the second part may be broadcast in early 2010.

Davies described the story as "huge and epic, but also intimate.Davies had been planning the story for some time,indicating that it continued the trend of series finales being progressively more dramatic:

I knew I'd write David's last episode one day, so I've had this tucked away.You do think: 'How can the stakes get bigger?'And they do.They really do.I don't mean just in terms of spectacle,but in terms of how personal it gets for him.

—Russell T Davies
The Christmas specials constitute Davies'last script for Doctor Who and Julie Gardner's last job producing the series.It also is the last episode Tennant is appearing in,having elected to leave with Davies and Gardner to allow Davies' successor Steven Moffat to start with a clean slate.In Doctor Who Magazine 407, Davies wrote about the night he finished the script:

I've had these last pages ready in my head for months and months.Years,to be honest. It takes as long to write as it does to type.So I keep rattling away until...The last words.Trouble is,last words don't really exist.In ten minutes time,I'll change my mind about Scene 25,and go back to write something different.Then I'll get up tomorrow and change all sorts of stuff,before sending it to the office. And then the proper rewrites start.Even then,you keep writing; you keep writing; you think of lines people should have said for the rest of your life.Still, what the hell,let's allow a bit of ceremony.The last words. Maybe I should sit here for hours,deliberating over them.But I know exactly what they are.I type them out. Times like this,typewrites would be better.Typewriters are romantic.A little metal letter should fly.It should hit the paper,whack! Tiny particles of ink should puff and settle.But no,there's just a plastic keyboard.I press the key.The final letter is n.Then a full stop.And that's it.Save.Done.Good.

—Russell T Davies, Doctor Who Magazine issue 407,Production Notes.
When asked about the emotional impact of writing his last Doctor Who script,he said,I would have thought that when I handed in the last script I might have burst into tears or got drunk or partied with 20 naked men,but when these great moments happen you find that real life just carries on. The emotion goes into the scripts.Tennant and Julie Gardner seperately said that they cried when they read the script.The last three specials of 2009 were foreshadowed in the episode "Planet of the Dead",when the low-level psychic character Carmen gave the Doctor the prophecy:
You be careful,because your song is ending,sir.It is returning,it is returning through the dark.And then... oh,but then...he will knock four times.

—Carmen,"Planet of the Dead"
The prophecy was designed by Davies to be a classical science fiction prophecy which evoked memories of the Ood prophecy to the Doctor and Donna in"Planet of the Ood" and foreshadowed the remaining specials.Tennant explained the prophecy meant that the Doctor's"card had become marked" and the three specials would thus be darker—characterising"Planet of the Dead"as the"last time the Doctor gets to have any fun and that the subject of the prophecy was not the obvious answer

Thursday, 23 April 2009

torchwood magazine-Issue 15

John Barrowman sets pulses racing for the new series of Torchwood
He told Torchwood magazine:"The new Torchwood story drags up a lot of people's secrets, and we all like to see that, don't we? It's the kind of story that, once you start watching it, you will be hooked. Even if you've never seen Torchwood before, you're going to fall for these characters, and you're going to go with them on an amazing journey that will be the biggest rollercoaster ride of their lives."

Direct from the Hub!
Torchwood magazine returns with 100 pages of essential features and interviews to give you your fix from the Hub in the build up to Children of Earth. In the latest 100-page issue we talk to the irrepressible John Barrowman and other members of the cast and crew, bring you brand new Torchwood stories, look back at series one with our comprehensive episode guide, and much more.

Children of Earth: Exclusive Coverage
Torchwood magazine takes you behind the scenes of Children of Earth in the latest issue with an exclusive report from the set in the final week of shooting. We also bring you a photo preview of each of the five days of the new series, with a commentary by writer and executive producer Russell T Davies. Plus, Torchwood script editor Brian Minchin tells us why Children of Earth is going to be epic, and one of the show’s new faces for the new series, Rik Makarem (who plays one Dr Rupesh Patanjali) reveals all about his Torchwood experience.

A new Comic Strip saga begins
An old enemy checks in at the start of ‘Broken’, a brand-new comic strip story by Gary Russell, with artwork by Adrian Salmon, featuring in the latest issue of Torchwood magazine. Imagery from the comic strip features in an image gallery on our Facebook page

Revisited: Greeks Bearing Gifts
Torchwood magazine takes a detailed look back at Greeks Bearing Gifts - the series one favourite that saw Toshiko receive an alien pendant that enabled her to read minds - with devastating effects! Plus, we interview the actress who played Mary, the mysterious woman who seduced Tosh in a bar and gave her the trinket. Daniela Denby-Ashe, star of My Family and Eastenders, talks about bringing together Mary’s many sides - lover, fighter, victim, killer - in one perfect package.


Close Call New regular feature! You set the questions, we phone up the stars and ask them. Eve Myles is first on the line.
Gordian: Part Two The conclusion of Steve Savile’s story, with art by Mike Dowling.
Torchweek Our guide to making the most of Children of Earth’s undiluted five-day Torchwood hit!
Sound & Vision Secrets of the sound editor with Torchwood’s Doug Sinclair.
Beyond the Hub We investigate the possibility that the Torchwood pterodactyl could really exist.
T-Mail Your letters, photographs and Facebook messages.
The magazine is out today priced £3.99.

Gillian Anderson?

Apparently, Gillian Anderson is being lined up to be a baddie in Series 5. Now, obviously the first thing people are going to think is that she's going to be the Rani, however, I don't think so. Here's the article:

Science fiction pin-up Gillian Anderson is being lined up to join the cast of Doctor Who as a new deadly enemy of the Time Lord.

Sources say programme chiefs want the London-based X-Files star to appear opposite the new DoctorMatt Smith in a one-off adventure next year. It’s understood the American actress could play renegade Time Lady The Rani, a glamorous but evil scientific genius previously played in the series by Kate O’Mara in the Eighties.

“Gillian obviously has a massive sci-fi following and it’s felt it would be a major coup to have her appear in Doctor Who,” says a show insider. “The team behind the show are keen for the next Doctor to have lots of new enemies and Gillian would be a glamorous and impressive addition to the list. The Rani would be a perfect role for her as the character used to be regarded as one of the Doctor’s most deadly opponents.”

Anderson, 40, recently appeared in a big screen version of The X-Files along with co-star David Duchovny. In recent years she has enjoyed critical acclaim as an actress, appearing in the BBC’s Bleak House and hit film The Last King Of Scotland. She is currently preparing to star alongside former Doctor Who Christopher Eccleston next month in A Doll’s House at the Donmar Warehouse in London’s West End.

“It would undoubtedly be regarded as one of those great sci-fi moments if the star of The X-Files gets to clash with the Doctor,” gushes our mole with the sonic screwdriver.

new companion and matt smit costume

Cadaver from Outpost Skaro has some interesting news concerning Matt Smath's costume and who the companion is (warning: may upset die-hard fans):

She was signed a while back and yes, its who was mentioned earlier (Hannah Murray).
The costume will divide the publics opinion....Fans will HATE it. The photoshoot is done. The photographer who did it is a collegue of mine. Expect to see it in the next few weeks and Hannahs announcement a short time later. Die hards will detest the new look and "apparent " direction.

Well, it doesn't sound good for the die hards, which of course includes me, but another post suggests not so much die hards, but 'Traditionalists'.

So according to this rumour, it's gonna be different to anything we see before.

As for Hannah Murray, my opinion is surprise as I thought that the only reason she was being linked was because of good publicity people, but also, as I've never seen her in anything before, I can't make a judgement.

Now, PLEASE remember that I'm not saying it's true. It's unconfirmed. But it definetly looks like a possibility, otherwise I wouldn't have posted it.

torchwood children of the earth transmission date

Torchwood.TV has a post taken from the new Torchwood Magazine about forthcoming audio dramas, which reveals Children Of Earth transmission details.

The episodes... will air as part of Radio 4s Afternoon Play slot from 2:15pm (it's likely they'll air all in the same week, in June). Its stated that they're set... before Children of Earth - which airs a week or so after the radio series concludes.

So its June or early July for Torchwood Children of Earth! It keeps moving up, but with no Doctor Who for six months, having this in the break is good!

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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

whos knocking at the doctor

It is returning, it is returning through the dark ... he will knock four times." The psychic lady on the 200 bus said these darkly prophetic words to The Doctor during the conclusion of 'Planet Of The Dead', whipping up the tension ahead of David Tennant's impending departure. But who exactly wants to get in touch with The Doctor?"

Their list includes:

The Face of Boe
Ood Sigma
Dalek Caan
Grim Reaper
Captain Jack
Bad Wolf
The Drowned Hath
The Master

new doctor who fansite

hey guys this is a new site for doctor fans alike seen as i have seen loads of dr who sites that have been made i have dont one my self