Sunday, 10 May 2009

dr who final what we know so far

so far we have seen
a Graske
A slitheen
Mysterious women
Red & white aliens
donna wilf and sylvia have been spoted on set tso they are back
jack been spoted on set
sarah jane has been spoted on set

were have they been filming
they have been filming in loads of places like
nearly everywere in cardiff

rumors poeple who are rumored to appear
rose is apparently coming back apparently she is married to 10.5
time lord are rumoered to return along with gallifrey
inside of the tardis is to be blown up
the master

apparently it is rumored that wen the doctor is regenerating he is suposed to be dreaming about all the alien he has met

aliens returning
apparently all aliens the doctor has met while hes been the tenth doctor are to come back

thats it for now update this wen i get some more comfirmed poeple and others if ive missed anythink out please comment thanks


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