Saturday, 27 June 2009

planning series 2 (fanfic) update

yesterday i posted some news that I'm planning series 2 over the next few days i am but i also mentioned that the doctor will be the only time lord to appear in this series well he is not the only time lord there is innocet she is from gallifrey and there is also jenny created from the 10Th doctors hand in the doctors daughter so they will only be the 3 of them and someone Else might be joining them from series 1 someone is returning well 2 people are returning and there is more episodes well i cannot confirm this yet but there might be 20 episodes maybe more or less it depends on how I'm thinking about series 2 will plan out all i can say up to now is these few words

leave this earth

that is all i can think of up to now

um well try and guess these words

and i might do some words for series 1 which though words might be soon


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