Wednesday, 24 June 2009

do you want to wright an episode (fanfic)

i would like to know if anyone would like to help out on my series 2 like wright an episode or think of a monster and wright the episode it has to be good if its a 2 3 4 parter than that's fine please tell me if you do want to Wright an episode or 2 for series 2

then if you do please email me at email
how many episode you are doing
it is the 11Th doctor or if you want to you can put 11Th doctor and 10Th doctor if they clash
what alien you want
the companions are innocet and jenny because they leave with the doctor at the end of episode 13 in series 1
then tell me your name
you can put what ever you want in the story it can be only be about Dr who but if you want you can put torchwood in or Sarah Jane adventures
or if you want to wright the christmas episode



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