Tuesday, 23 June 2009

second doctor quotes fromt he 5 doctors

The Five Doctors [20.7]
The Second Doctor: [referring to UNIT headquarters] You've redecorated in here, haven't you? Hmm. I don't like it.

The Doctor: Well, I must say goodbye, Brigadier. I really shouldn't be here at all. I'm not exactly breaking the laws of time, but I am bending them a little.

The Second Doctor: Have faith, Brigadier. Have I ever led you astray?
Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart: On many occasions.
The Second Doctor: Yes... well, this will be the exception.

The Fifth Doctor: Well, now it seems we must part. Just as I was beginning to get to know me.
The Second Doctor: So you’re the latest one, hmm?
The Fifth Doctor: Yes, and the most agreeable.
The Second Doctor: Ah... certainly the most impudent.
The Third Doctor: Our dress sense certainly hasn’t improved much, has it?
The First Doctor: Neither has our manners.
[The Fifth Doctor looks mildly insulted/confused]

The Second Doctor: Goodbye... Fancypants!
The Third Doctor: [to his quickly retreating back]: Scarecrow!


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