Friday, 26 June 2009

planning series 2 (fanfic)

in the next couple of days i will be planning series 2 of my Dr who fanfic series with the 11Th doctor and the 2 companions jenny and innocet series 2 will be bigger with more episodes (possibly 15 maybe more) and then after that there will be an Xmas episode and there will be a new companion half way threw series 2 and there are a few people returning from series 1 the date for series 1 has not been changed it is the same (3rd February) possibly going on every 2 weeks and an old companion might be returning well i don't know about this because it might well possibly relate to series 1 episode 13 so it might not happen and that person will not come back but I'm having ideas for episodes 1 and the last episode of the series and also gallifrey will not be in this series as it is taking to much space on series 1 so no time lords only the doctor is in this series well that is it for now.

more soon


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