Tuesday, 30 June 2009

updates and stuff

sorry i haven't updated in a few days i have been busy doing and sorting out my fanfic series 2 the planning has finished and now the righting starts episode 1 has started and episodes 3 4 5 6 and 7 because that is a 5 pater i cannot say what is in the episode yet but i will confirm this sometime when the time comes but i can confirm that there is 20 episodes and there episode 3 is being written at the same time as episode 1 the reason why this is because OF THE PAGE is righting 8 episodes and I'm righting 12 episodes so series 2 will be bigger than series 1 and it will lead to a new start for series 3 with a few new companions for the doctor a alien returning with an old enemy and some people will be returning from series 1 there was one person that i wanted returning from series 1 but i have decided not to so moving on from that now on to the news.

doctor who fansite-Emma has not won an award but came second in one for this months key to time awards yes we have come second and I'm pleased with this because last month we came 3rd last month was the first month that this site was voted in a award since it opened in April so I'm pleased and congratulation to tardis new rooms for winning first place.

news torchwood and doctor who
the doctor needs a human comapnion
torchwood children of earth radio times scans
hidden message in the radio times torchwood
captain jacks daughter


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