Wednesday, 1 July 2009

june is over and stuff

wow i cant believe that June is now over with it seemed a life time in June it seemed like a year to me but i think you lot will think that I'm wrong and that it was only a month well it was but what i just said but i am glad that June is over and now its July and this is the 179 post since April and the site has been open for the 4 month now since i opened it at first it was a downer and now its a higher with changes to the site i think it is going really well and with the partner site i have to say i don't know why i call the fanfic blog my partner site because it is a fanfic site but i have not put my fanfics on yet because series 1 re rights are not finished yet and series 2 is only starting to right i have started on episode 1 of series 2 but it has been so hot to right i will probably do it on Saturday's wen i get time and last month this site came second in a award and I'm pleased because the other month we came 3rd but i don't think this site will ever come first place if it will come first i will be amazed.
wow has anyone noticed the weather well of course you have but it brill's hot weather wow just think a couple months ago it was snowing now look at it hot and getting hotter by the minute and also
this month i will be going on holiday but i don't know if I'm taking my laptop so i can update the blog cos i will need a memory stick for the Internet to top it up so if i don't get it i will have to post when i get back and i will post a warning message to warn people that the blog owner will be back soon but I'm still here for now
and you will notice that i haven't updated the days sign on how many days it is till Xmas well i will be only doing this once a month now so its 177 days 0 years 5 months 24 days til Xmas and til David tennant regenerates into Matt smith
we are stuck on 4719 hits wow come on people lets make it 5000
and a notice to say that the banner will be change back to the old one soon when torchwood is finished
so that's it for now more next month


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